As of November 1, 2023 Walnut Creek Ranch, DBA owned by Malinda Edwards Vinklarek and formerly owned by Russell Hall "Rusty" Edwards and the Estate of Russell Hall "Rusty" Edwards, their Heirs and/or Assigns will cease any and all operations in regards to hosting events, boarding horses or be affiliated with any company, DBA, Landlord-Tenant relationship or any other business ventures owned or operated by Lorraine Hunter Edwards at what has been known as Walnut Creek Ranch, Rusty's Walnut Creek Ranch, et al at the physical address of 394 Pleasant Chapel Road, Cedar Creek, Texas 78612.  As well as in legal description described as being all that tract of land described in Deed Number 202221368 from Russell Hall Edwards to Malinda Edwards Vinklarek, also known as A58 SMITH, CHARLES S., ACRES 61.5110 in the Bastrop County Deed Records, Bastrop County, Texas.
11/1/2023    9446118